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1. Our company  
Our company Familiar but not stationary Since nearly 100 years we impassionately live and work for our family business. With his degree of a printer in the year 1919, Josef Altmann laid the...  
2. Service  
Our service Specialised but open for diversification With nearly 100 years of experience in the Graphic Arts Industry we know what counts and combine know-how with creativity to find your individual...  
3. Machines  
Complete list Here you'll find a complete list of our machines.  
4. Machines to offer  
Our machines Maschinenangebot For every day use but not ordinary We set great value on quality – not only concerning our machines but also with choosing our partners. To offer you a regular stock of...  
5. Sell a machine  
Sell a machine In case you want to offer a second hand machine you can contact us here. Please mention all important data and the equipment of the machine under description. Very important is the...  
6. Meyer ER-80  
Meyer ER-80 ME200010A: Meyer ER-80  
7. Mueller Martini Trendbinder 3009  
Mueller Martini Trendbinder 3009 MU200026D: Mueller Martini Trendbinder 3009  
8. Wohlenberg 185 MCS-2 TV  
Wohlenberg 185 MCS-2 TV WO200078U: Wohlenberg 185 MCS-2 TV  
9. Vacuumatic Vicount 2 - A2  
Vacuumatic Vicount 2 - A2 VA200077I: Vacuumatic Vicount 2 - A2  
10. Beil 425-T-H  
Beil 425-T-H BE190248A: Beil 425-T-H  
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